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Introducing MusicRoyaltyInvest.com!

I've been blogging a lot about music royalty investing. Here's the first article I published if you want to read more about it. I've also been growing a Reddit group focused on music royalty investing, and recently stood up a Facebook group as well. Basically I've been putting a lot of energy and focus into building a center of gravity for learning about investing in music royalties.

Through this I've made a lot of contacts with other investors, music royalty investment platforms, business leaders and many others. It has become a "thing" bigger than the 3QFI.com blog. The challenge is I want to keep this blog about a variety of topics, not simply focused on music royalty investing. I've got lots of articles forthcoming around the psychology of FIRE, sentiment of GenX when it comes to retirement, updates on my real estate investments, building out a recording studio (huh? Early stages still, more to come) amongst others. Although I hope these articles have value to a large audience, those who are focused simply on Music Royalty Investing may not be as interested.

So I've launched a new website: MusicRoyaltyInvest.com. This website will be the central location for links to my 3QFI blog posts about music royalties, as well as a collection of information, articles, business links covering this exciting and growing asset class. I'm just getting started there so expect it to expand quickly. It's going to be fun. :)

My goal is to simply grow the awareness of investing in music royalties so more investors get involved. As more investors get involved, more investment options will come to market. When more investment options come to market, I have my places to invest my money. And I like having more places to put my money!

So that's it. I hope that between 3qfi.com and MusicRoyaltyInvest.com you are finding useful content. Investing is a journey, and do enjoy sharing what I learn along the way.


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