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Net Worth Update | Sept 2020

Updated: Jan 31

Okay, so not really an update since it is my first post, but this is what I'll be calling these posts moving forward. Don't get pedantic on me.

Let's start with the comprehensive picture:

Up $186,415 for the year so far, 2020 has been amazing! (I mean not counting the global pandemic, political polarization, reaching the global warming tipping point, systemic racism in society...nevermind, 2020 is mostly a giant pile of dog shit).

Moving on. Lets break the numbers down a bit further now. What categories are driving our Net Worth?

Hmm....so that's telling a bit more of the story, but I think it helps to break this even further to become useful. Here's a more detailed view as to what percentage of our Net Worth is tied to different investment sources:

Net Worth Investment Sources as of 9/27/2020

Okay, I know that some of those line items need more explanation. Pretty sure the "heavy metal band" jumps out a bit. I'll get more into that in a later post. Also, what kind of FIRE person would put a single penny into precious metals? I'll get more into that later as well. 39% tied up in our primary home, that shouldn't be included in our retirement strategy should it? I've got a plan there, will do a post about that in the future as well.

I'll slowly unpack all of these areas over time to paint the full picture of my strategy. Not claiming my strategy is foolproof, I can promise you it's not. But it is mine and I will care for it and I will feed it and I will love it like the good boy it is.

So that's it, this is our baseline Net Worth picture for the purpose of this blog. Looking forward updating this over time, at some yet to be determined interval. Monthly feels about right, but I'm not sure if anything really feels right in 2020.

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