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Top 8 Personal Finance / Financial Independence Podcasts

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I love podcasts. Love em. Every morning I take my old dog for a 45 minute walk in the park. I’ve got my my air pods in, listening to my favorites podcasters dropping knowledge directly into my brain via my ear holes. It is my most balanced, most mindful time of the day.

Outside of my 45 minute walk I generally do not have time to listen to podcasts. Thus I have around 5 hours or so a week the I can dedicate to my podcast habit. That’s not a lot of time to waste, so I’m really picky about what podcasts I listen to.

I also try to spread out my listening consumption across multiple podcast, that way I'm diversifying the vantage points I'm hearing. Try to keep my center of knowledge well rounded.

Top 8 Podcasts

So here are my 8 favorite personal finance / financial independence podcasts (in alphabetical order).

BiggerPockets Money: Most people in the Financial Independence Retire Early universe know about BiggerPockets. The BiggerPockets Money Podcast is their best offering in my view. Mindy & Scott partner extremely well together. I enjoy Scott's analytical view of the topics being discussed and Mindy's no-nonsense points of view - cutting right through the bullshit.

ChooseFI: Another monster podcast on the FIRE landscape. They've recently started doing a series called FI Family Households where they are doing case studies with couples / individuals on the Financial Independence path - but not there yet. It's been a fun ride so far, I'm looking forward to following these stories for years to come.

Fire & Chill: Do you like Australian accents? Do you like personal finance? Do you like friendly banter? Then this is the podcast for you. What it lacks in polished production quality, it makes up for in genuine discussions and solid content. Pat & Dave are fun blokes. It feels like they come over to my house every couple of weeks to shoot the shit and talk personal finance.

How to Money: Not overly focused on FIRE, this is a well rounded money podcast that's full of information. You can tell that Joel & Matt are really good friends who enjoy a nice cold beer and chewing on financial topics a few times a week. This one covers a lot of ground in the complex world of personal finance.

Radical Personal Finance: Joshua Sheats is a smart guy. Damn smart. He knows finances. He knows taxes. He can comfortably go deep on financial subjects, but do it in a why that he takes you along on the journey - not leave you behind. I feel my personal finance IQ raise with each episode.

Real Estate and Financial Independence Podcast: Chad "Coach" Carson is such a good dude, who really knows his stuff. His podcasts are both going solo dropping knowledge on his own experiences in investing in real estate, as well as in-depth conversations with guests. I've learned a ton about real estate investing from Coach & his podcast.

Real Estate Rookie: This is another podcast from the BP Universe. Rookie is fairly new and features two hosts (Ashley & Felipe) who are on their journey of building solid real estate portfolios. They cover a lot of ground that any real estate investor should explore. It's a well rounded podcast that provides a tremendous amount of usable content.

Stacking Benjamins: The entertainment value of this podcast is immense. It is both educational as well as hilarious (or, at a minimum, entertaining). It covers a broad swath of financial topics, as well as overall general interest topics. You can quickly see why this podcast has won so many awards.

So that's it, my top 8. I definitely recommend you give any of the podcasts above you've never listened to a try. Personally I believe the return on time-investment is high.

Did I miss any that you are passionate about? Let me know. I'm always interested in carving out some of my 5 hours for something new.

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