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Yieldstreet & Fundrise: A Case Study, Chapter 1

I'm always looking for new, diversified, creative ways for investing my money. This is what led me into the exciting world of music royalty investing, investing in a heavy metal band, investing in turnkey rentals, and plopping a pile of money into precious metals. It's also what led me to burning $25,000 on an investment in the cannabis industry as well (hey, I fess up to my losers).

Anyway I've been hearing more and more about alternative investment platforms: specifically Yieldstreet and Fundrise*. They seemed like simple options for picking up diversified investments to add to my overall portfolio. I decided it was time to give them a look, so I dove in this past week.

Here's the breakdown of each of these platforms, as well as the investment I made in each.


Yieldstreet allows investors to invest in real estate, marine, commercial, legal and even art. At the time of this article they have 5 available investment offerings: a supply chain offering, a short term note offering, a couple real estate offerings, and a blended fund they call the Yieldstreet Prism Fund.

These offerings have minimum investments that range from $1,000 - $25,000. In addition some of these are open to any investor while others are only available to accredited investors.

I've decided to make a $5,000 investment into the Yieldstreet Prism Fund. Here's how they describe this fund on their website:

Yieldstreet Prism Fund

Build a fixed-income portfolio spread across multiple asset classes with a single investment. Currently, the Fund has raised over $67 million and has holdings in six asset classes: Art, Commercial, Consumer, Legal, Real Estate, and Corporates.

This fund targets an 8% yearly return paid out quarterly, will see how this goes.


Fundrise allows average everyday investors to buy into real estate (private commercial and residential properties). It looks like an extremely frictionless way of diversifying your portfolio.

Here is out Fundrise explains what they do:

What is Fundrise?

Fundrise is the first online investment platform to create a simple way for anyone to unlock the previously exclusive world of private real estate. We use technology to lower costs and create unprecedented transparency for over 100,000 active investors.

They have a lot of different projects that you can invest in, depending on your account level and investment plan (when you sign up it'll walk you through all of the options). For me my account level is Advanced and my investment plan is Balanced Investing. I went with a $10,000 investment here.


What's Next?

Moving forward I will provide quarterly updates on these investments so you can follow along and see first hand how they perform. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to see all of the gory performance details.


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